Zomato Scam: Order food online, know how the scam is being executed

New Delhi. Zomato is a popular food ordering platform. Wherever you are at 2 o’clock in the night or in the afternoon, whenever you are hungry, you pick up the phone and order food from Zomato. But do you know that a big scam is going on in Zomato, in which food is being provided for Rs.200 instead of Rs.1000. Let us know how the scam is being executed on Zamato?

Will be able to order food cheaply
Please tell that in this type of scam, the person ordering the food will not be harmed directly. But the company has to bear its loss. In this scam, the delivery boy tells you that instead of paying online in the next order, you can order food through Cash on Demand (CoD) instead, so that you will be able to order food cheaply.

1000 rupees food in 200
The delivery boy offers that if you order food worth Rs 1000, you can get that food for free. Simply, for this the delivery boy will have to pay 200 to 300 rupees. If you accept the offer of the delivery boy, then the company will suffer a loss of Rs.1000.

Such a company suffers loss
Actually what happens is that when the delivery boy takes the order, after delivering it he takes Rs.200 to Rs.300 in cash instead of Rs.1000 and puts the food in the cancel list, which causes loss to the company. Whereas Zomato boy earns his money.

What to do?
Users should order food only by paying online instead of cash on. This will prevent scams. Along with this, the company is also working in this direction, which can introduce a mechanism to stop it in the coming days.

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