WhatsApp will send you to jail if these 3 things are not taken care of

New Delhi. WhatsApp It is the most popular messaging and video calling platform today. WhatsApp plays a very important role in staying connected with friends and family. Group or personal calling and messaging are available on WhatsApp. But do you know that one mistake made on WhatsApp can land you in jail? In such a situation, some special things should be taken care of while using WhatsApp.

Block and Report
Unlike normal SMS, it is easy for users to block accounts and send WhatsApp reports on WhatsApp. Through this, objectionable messages are received in personal or group chat. We encourage users to report questionable contacts to us. In addition, we now give people the option to keep reported messages on their phone so they can share them with fast-checkers or law enforcement officials.

forward limit
Limiting too many forwards to one chat at a time has resulted in a 70 percent reduction in such content on WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp has introduced a new group forwarding limit, in which messages labeled “Forwarded” can be sent to only one group at a time instead of 5. If you do not know the source of the message, do not forward it.

group privacy settings
Only those people who have your phone number can add you to the group on WhatsApp. WhatsApp group privacy settings and group invite system enable users to decide who can add them to the group. Don’t let anyone add you to the group without your permission. You have three options to choose from – everyone can add you to the group, your contacts can add, or only people you select from your contacts.

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