Unfaithful wife: Relationship with the mason who was building the house, then killed the husband, then got the dead body dumped in the septic tank

A woman killed her husband for having an illicit relationship with a mason in Saraswati Kunj, Greater Noida West. Woman Neetu, along with mason Harpal and a labourer, carried out the crime and buried her husband Satishpal’s body in the septic tank of neighbor Ajay’s under-construction house. The youth was missing since January 2. When his family and the police started searching by registering a missing person, the accused woman absconded with the mason. The police arrested the mason and recovered the body and started searching for Neetu and the accused laborer. Satish Pal, a resident of Darawar village of Bulandshahr, lived in Saraswati Kunj, Greater Noida West, along with his wife and a 5-year-old child. Satish Pal used to work in an export company in Noida.

Here, Etah resident mason Harpal was constructing the house of neighbor Ajay. During the construction of Harpal’s house, he had a relationship with Satish Pal’s wife Neetu. On January 2, Satish Pal returned to duty from the company.

Meanwhile, Neetu and Harpal strangled Satish Pal to death in a planned manner. Together with another laborer, both of them buried Satish Pal’s body in the septic tank of Ajay’s under-construction house.

Masonry was done by pouring cement on the dead body

According to the police, the accused made masonry by pouring cement on the dead body. After this, the accused put stones on the cement and covered it.

The family started the search then it was revealed

The accused woman did not let anyone know about the incident. After not talking to Satish Pal for several days, when the family started searching for him and informed the police, the accused Neetu Rajmistri fled with Harpal.

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