This small button is found in every room heater, it helps in saving hot air and electricity.

New Delhi. We use heaters every summer. But very few people are aware of the buttons found in it. If you know about the button found in the heater, then it will be very easy for you. Also, it will be very easy for you to use the heater. So let us also tell you in which situation you can use it.

Usually three buttons are given next to the Room Heater. There is a button power button in it. You can use it in any situation. If the hot air of the heater decreases after running continuously for many times, then you can use it to turn off the heater. When the heater is off, the element gets enough time to cool down. After this, when you turn on the heater again, the element takes some time to heat up.

Also, after running the heater continuously, its air also reduces. This also happens because the fan motor runs continuously. Fan motor has a capacity, if we use it more than this then there can be some problem. So whenever you use the heater, give it some rest with the help of the power button. With this, the fan motor will also always be fine and the heater will also give more hot air.

Apart from this, the Room Heater has two buttons to set the heating capacity. Whenever you use a heater, set it according to your body temperature. Whenever you feel excessively hot, set the temperature of the room accordingly. This can also cause many health related problems. So for this you have to use the other button given in the heater.

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