This geyser is best for home, heats water even without electricity, the price is only 1800 rupees

New Delhi. The demand for geysers increases in the winter season. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for many people to buy a geyser. Also, many times before buying a geyser, you do not even understand which geyser is best for you. Gas and Electric Geysers are generally in highest demand in India. Today we are going to tell you which geyser is going to be the best for you.

Gas Geyser-

Gas Geyser can prove to be a better option. The specialty of this geyser is that it works even without electricity. If your house is also in a house where there is no access to electricity, then you can use this geyser. Along with this, electricity is also saved a lot. Now many such gas geysers also come which heat water very quickly. ShineStar Gas Geyser is also one such product which costs just Rs.1800 and you can buy it easily.

Electric Geyser-

Electric Geyser is sold the most in big cities. Because there is no shortage of electricity in these cities. If you also live in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or any other city where there is no shortage of electricity then you can buy it. But Electric Geyser is not successful in any such place where there is a lot of power cut. That’s why you should know about your area before buying an electric geyser.

If you are thinking of buying an electric geyser, then Havells can prove to be the best option for you. Havells Adonia R 25 Liters Vertical Storage Water Geyser can prove to be the best option for you. The MRP of this geyser is Rs.23,585 and you can buy it for Rs.14,699 after 38% discount. To buy it you have to visit Croma.

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