This bed sheet gets hot as soon as you lay on the bed, even without electricity, it will get hotter than the heater

New Delhi. In winter, the cost of heaters starts increasing rapidly. In such a situation, many times you have to think many times before buying a heater. But we are going to tell you about such a bedsheet, which is being used by many people. Its specialty is that it gets hot as soon as it is laid on the bed. That is, you are going to get a lot of relief from it in the cold winter. So let’s tell about its price and specialty-

The MRP of Expressions POLAR04SB Electric Bed Warmer Single is Rs.2,699 and you can buy it for Rs.1,899 after 29% discount. That means you are already getting a hefty discount. The specialty of this bedsheet is that you get 4 levels of heating in it. Along with this, dual safety feature has also been given in it. It can be used by people of any age.

Electric Bed Warmer Amazon-

The Warmland Single Bed Electric Bed Warmer is like that too. Its MRP is Rs.1,999 and you can buy it for Rs.899 after 55% discount. Now if we talk about its specialty, then you get different modes in this too. Also it comes with Shock Proof and Auto Control option. It comes with 5 years replacement policy. Doctors also recommend it for heat therapy.

Best Heating Blanket Buy Online-

The MRP of Utopia Bedding Heated Blanket Electric Throw is Rs.2,999 and you can buy it for Rs.1,099 after 63% discount. Its weight is very less and you can also use it as a blanket. Also it can be laid like a bed sheet. You can easily order the blanket from Amazon.

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