This amazing feature is available in iPhone 14 Pro, this is how you can use it

New Delhi. If you are a latest iPhone 14 user then this article is going to be very useful for you. Apple Users i.e. customers using iPhone 14 Pro are now allowed to do something. Let us tell you that after the update of iOS 16.1, many features are available in the iPhone 14 Pro, which can make the life of the users easier.

1. Live Activity iOS introduces Live Activity, which shows you your current live activity in real time, like a cab ride, a sports game, or your scheduled flight, and more. This feature is especially cool with the Dynamic Island feature as it takes iPhone 14 Pro unlocking to a new level.

2. Dynamic Battery Percentage However with the first release of iOS 16 the battery percentage was back. This was a problem, because the battery consumption only changed the percentage, leaving people confused as to whether or not their phone’s battery was dead. Now with the iOS 16.1 update, the battery icon, along with the percentage, will adjust in time according to the amount of time your battery is dead.

3. Clean energy is a must If you’ve already installed the iOS 16.1 update, a new battery option called Clean Charging appears in Battery Settings. Currently only available in the US, this feature allows your iPhone 14 Pro to detect and use low-carbon energy options when available. Thus reducing your carbon footprint.

4. It’s now easier to share photos with your friends and family in shared iCloud Photo Library. Apple has finally brought the Share iCloud Photo Library feature with the iOS 16.1 release. This allows 6 users to share a photo library

5.without Apple Watch apple Fitness +: Apple’s Fitness + app so far only worked with Apple Watch, frustrating users without Apple Watch. There is good news though because Apple has finally introduced the feature that will let you track all your fitness activities without the need for an Apple Watch.

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