The biggest cyber attack on AIIMS, the data of millions of patients is in danger, know the details, otherwise there may be loss of millions!

New Delhi. Nowadays who is not at risk of cyber attack. Hackers attack even big institutions. Even on government institutions, hackers leave no stone unturned to clean their hands. One such case of new cyber attack has come to the fore, in which All India Institute of Medical Sciences (All India Institute of Medical Sciences)AIIMS) on which hackers have done cyber attack.

Let us tell you that AIIMS is one of the largest healthcare institute in India. Many patients come to this hospital not only from India but also from abroad for their treatment. According to a report, there has been a cyber attack named ransomware attack on this biggest government hospital.

Big cyber attack on AIIMS

Due to this cyber attack, the daily functioning of the hospital like appointment, registration of patients, information about discharge slip etc. has been badly affected. According to a report by National Information Center (NIC) and Cert-In, there has been a major cyber attack on AIIMS. However, it is not yet clear whether the server of AIIMS has been started again or not. Let us tell you about ransomware attack, what it is and how dangerous it is.

Ransomware is a type of malware or dangerous software, which encrypts the victim’s files ie data and asks for a reman i.e. to restore that data. To explain it in simple language, hackers first steal the data of the Victim through this cyber attack and then demand money from them only to restore it.

If the Victim does not meet the demands of the hackers, then they threaten to put those stolen data in the public domain or dark web. If someone’s data goes into the dark web, then any hackers can easily access it and can cause great harm to the Victim.

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