Smartwatch is dangerous for you! Know these three facts

New Delhi. Nowadays everyone uses smart watch. From this, many types of facilities are available from receiving and rejecting phone calls. But do you know that your smart watch can become a danger for you. Actually, all kinds of data including your health, messages are stored on the smart watch. Also some smart watch companies store your data through the app. In such a situation, smartwatch can be more dangerous than your smart phone. Let’s know about this in detail…

data collection
Smartwatch companies constantly monitor your health. In this, from heart rate, blood pressure to fat, water, blood oxygen data is stored on the company’s server, which is more likely to be stolen. Then with the help of this data, incidents like fraud can be carried out.

Data transfer from phone to watch
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth security have gotten better over the years. However it can still be hacked. In such a situation, there can be a big security breach. In such a situation, it has become easier for hackers to steal data from smartwatches instead of phones.

GPS data is used in Smart Watch, so that users can be tracked, what is your current location? Using such a smartwatch can be dangerous.

How to make smartwatch secure

  • Public Wi-Fi can become the reason for hacking.
  • Keep the operating software of the smartwatch updated.
  • Make wireless router more secure.
  • Keep your phone and computer up to date.
  • Regularly delete smartwatch data.
  • Store fitness tracker user data locally.

Note – How convenient are smartwatches? This cannot be denied. But it cannot be denied that they can also be a security risk.

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