Shraddha Murder Case: Why did Aftab choose the time of 4 in the morning? Used to make excuses when asked, shocking revelation

The Delhi Police team probing Shraddha Walkar murder case has found an important clue in this sensational case. CCTV footage has come to the fore just five months after the murder. In this, Aftab is seen carrying a bag on his shoulder. Police sources say that between 4.00 am and 7.30 am on October 18, the accused made three rounds from his house towards the forest. It is believed that he disposed of Shraddha’s head, fingers and toes and parts of the torso. Leaving his flat, the accused is disposing of the dead body every hour.

It can be clearly seen in the footage that Aftab is in a hurry with the bag and looks somewhat nervous. Police is considering this evidence as an important clue in the investigation. Police officials say that all digital and forensic evidence is being collected to punish Aftab for his actions.

A police officer probing the case said that after killing Shraddha on May 18, he gradually disposed of her body. He put the head, fingers and toes and torso in the fridge. But he did not get time to settle them.

He keeps his fridge locked. Meanwhile, he got a job in Gurugram. He used to go to work at night while his girlfriend was often at his flat during the day. Even if he wanted to, he could not dispose of the dead body during the day.

Sources say that during interrogation he is saying that during this time he was not even mentally prepared to dispose of the dead body.

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