Shraddha Murder Case: Shraddha had ignored these things of Aftab, had to pay the price by losing her life

Everyday new revelations are happening in the Shraddha murder case in Delhi’s Mehrauli area. This murder case is being discussed everywhere. Shraddha was murdered by her lover Aftab. First he was strangled to death, then cut into 35 pieces to dispose of the dead body. Regarding this massacre, psychologist Dr. Hema Khanna said that Shraddha’s life could have been saved, but a mistake took her life. Let us know how Shraddha could have saved her life? How is this case a great lesson for others?

How could Shraddha’s life have been saved?

Dr. Hema Khanna tells that Shraddha’s life could have been saved, but she ignored Aftab’s actions many times. Dr. Khanna says, ‘Police investigation has revealed that there used to be a lot of fighting between the two in the last three years of their relationship. Even Aftab used to raise his hand on Shraddha. Used to beat him. Despite this, Shraddha ignored these antics of Aftab.

According to Dr. Khanna, there are fights in every relationship, but when someone repeatedly beats you up, then you need to be alert. Repeated fighting indicates that the person in front can do anything to you in anger. Realizing such a situation, people should talk to their family members and close friends. They should be told about it. It should also be shared with common friends.

If still the situation does not improve then it is very important to separate and take legal steps. Through this, not only will you be safe, but in future if that person stays in a relationship with another woman, then she can also be safe. He said, ‘Had Shraddha been warned about Aftab’s antics in time, her life could have been saved. The result of ignoring such serious things is very painful at times.

Know about the event now

Shraddha lived in Malad, Mumbai and worked in a call centre. Aftab Amin Poonawala is also a resident of Mumbai. Both met through a dating app. After this both of them became in love relationship. Both started living in live-in. When Shraddha’s family came to know about this relationship, they asked Shraddha to leave Aftab’s side, but she did not agree. Shraddha left Mumbai with Aftab on the pretext of visiting Himachal and Uttarakhand. Both went to visit Rishikesh and came back and started living in Delhi. Here he took a room on rent in Chhatarpur, Mehrauli.

When Shraddha’s father came to know about this, he stopped talking to her. Sometimes Shraddha used to talk to her mother. On May 18, there was a fight between Aftab and Shraddha. According to the information received by the police, Shraddha proposed marriage to Aftab. Aftab did not want to get married. There was a fight between the two regarding this matter. Aftab pressed Shraddha’s mouth with one hand. When Shraddha started screaming, the accused strangled her to death with the other hand. After this he kept the dead body in the bathroom.

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