Shraddha Murder Case: Aftab revealed new secrets, Shraddha’s head was thrown in the lake of Maidan Garhi! Police is getting vacated

The Delhi Police probing the Shraddha Walkar murder case has got some important information from the accused Aftab Poonawalla. In view of this, on Sunday, the police is evacuating a lake located in South Delhi’s Maidan Garhi. If sources are to be believed, Aftab had thrown Shraddha’s head in this seal. The Municipal Corporation team has reached the spot and is engaged in the process of draining the water of the lake.

The police team has found an important clue in this sensational case. Aftab threw Shraddha’s head in this pond located at Maidan Garhi. To evacuate and search for Shraddha’s head, the police along with the employees of the Municipal Corporation have gathered. Big machines have been installed to take out water on the spot.

Earlier on Saturday morning, a team of Delhi Police had gone to Gurugram with a metal detector carrying accused Aftab Amin Poonawalla. The police searched the empty plots and forests of DLF Phase-2 for several hours. The police suspect that Aftab has hidden the weapon used in the crime here, but the police did not get success and had to return empty-handed after noon.

A police officer investigating the case said that since the forest is very close to the Chhatarpur hilly area, it is more likely that Aftab, after killing Shraddha, dumped most of her body parts in the Mehrauli forest. Are. For this reason, the focus of the police is more in the Mehrauli area. On Saturday morning, a team of 20-25 jawans went to the forests of Mehrauli and conducted a search operation, but the police did not find anything there either.

It is necessary to collect these evidences

So far the police have not found the weapon with which Shraddha’s body was chopped into pieces. Apart from this, Shraddha’s mobile phone, her and Aftab’s blood stained clothes have also not been recovered. Apart from this, the cutter with which Shraddha’s body was cut into pieces was thrown in the dustbin of Delhi. The bloodstained clothes were thrown in the garbage van of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

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