Shraddha case: Shraddha had expressed the fear of murder to the police two years ago, said – he will cut me into pieces

A new revelation has come to light in the country’s famous Shraddha Walkar murder case. It is being claimed in media reports that Shraddha had lodged a complaint against Aftab with the Mumbai Police two years back. Shraddha had written a letter to the Mumbai Police telling that Aftab used to beat her. If the police did not take any action in time, he would kill him.

In a letter written to Mumbai’s Palghar police, Shraddha told that Aftab assaulted her. Tried to kill him by strangulation. Not only this, Aftab threatened and blackmailed that he would kill her and throw her into pieces.

Aftab destroyed the evidence under a well-planned conspiracy

Accused Aftab Poonawala destroyed the evidence under a well thought out conspiracy. He threw away the tools used to dismember Shraddha’s body in such a way that the police could not find them later. The accused had thrown the saw and blade in the forest near DLF in Gurugram. Apart from this, he had thrown Chapad in the garbage on 100 foot road in Chhattarpur. On the other hand, the call center where Aftab used to work in Gurugram has now been made work from home.

Saw and blade were installed in Gurgaon and Chapad Chhatarpur

According to South District Police officials, accused Aftab told that he had thrown the saw and blade in Gurugram. In such a situation, the police has conducted a search operation in the forest of Gurugram for two days regarding the accused, but the police could not find anything. The accused had bought three sharp blades from the Mehrauli market to cut Shraddha’s body into pieces. A search operation will be conducted again in Gurugram after a day or two.

The accused has no remorse

Aftab Amin Poonawala, accused of Shraddha’s murder, still has no remorse for his actions. He smiles at the time of investigation and interrogation instead of showing remorse for the crime he has committed.

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