She Too: Sensational disclosure of those who took advantage of ‘Me Too’, Pooja Bedi showed the mirror to the truth through India’s Sons

When the ‘Me Too’ campaign took off, actress Pooja Bedi vehemently raised her voice for men being unfairly harassed. Now she has once again come to the public with the documentary film ‘India’s Sons: A Tale of False Rape Case Survivors’ made on the same issue. This documentary, which has been in discussion for a long time, has been released in the digital world. On this occasion, Pooja said that the laws for women should protect them, but it does not mean that someone should misuse them and ruin the lives of men. On the occasion of International Men’s Day, there was also a discussion on this documentary, which aimed to start a dialogue on the misuse of rape laws and reveal the ‘untold truth’ in these cases.

women and men do not have equal rights

During the discussion Pooja Bedi pointed out how the rights of men are being ignored, laws are being misused against innocent men and how the reporting is biased. To support his statement, he said, ‘You cannot name a woman who is accusing a man but the man’s name and photo are shown to the world even before he is proven guilty. Not much action is taken against women who file false cases of rape, dowry and sexual harassment.

No OTT showed courage

The film’s director Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj said that International Women’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm but Men’s Day is not even considered. It is mainly because of the print media that such false cases on men are taken seriously. He said that his documentary film was highly appreciated by many big OTT platforms but he did not dare when it came to release it. This is because the country’s media never pays attention to the harassment of men in false cases.

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Dream of becoming CA shattered due to false case

During the discussion, Prince Garg, one of the rape case survivors, told how he spent five years in jail on false rape charges before being acquitted. Even though he had CCTV footage which showed that he was miles away at the time of the incident, his pleas were ignored during the investigation. He was only 18 when he was jailed and his dream of becoming a CA could not be fulfilled. Prince said, ‘I can’t even imagine resuming my career as I am not accepted in the society after being tagged as a rapist.’

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IPS officer took three years

Other cases discussed included that of former IPS officer Amitabh Thakur. Some people had political enmity with his wife Nutan Thakur and in this case Amitabh Thakur was allegedly made a pawn. It took three years for an IPS officer to prove his innocence, so what is the status of common man in such cases. In another matter Arvind Bharti’s brother Nitin Bharti discussed. Arvind ended his life in December 2017 leaving a 16-page suicide note. He was tormented for eight years fighting a false dowry case filed by his wife Richa. His last words in the suicide note were, “I am ending my life first because of a blind system that only listens to women and second because of my ex-wife Richa.”

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