Room heater can be made from the junk lying in the house, know the easy way to make it today

New Delhi. There is a lot of discussion about the cost of Room Heater in the winter season. Also, it is not available in stock, so it becomes difficult to buy it. Today we are going to tell you a domestic method. With its help, you can make a Room Heater at home. Also, you will not have any difficulty in making it. You can easily make Room Heater with the help of junk lying in the house.

To make a Room Heater, you will need a tin box the most. With the help of steel pipes, you can easily make it a heater. Because with this you can easily make a heater after tying the element. While making a heater, let us tell you in advance that it is most important to have a better quality element which you can also tie with the pipe and you have to fit a fan on its back side.

You have to check the element before turning on the fan. Because in the event of the fan being on, you may also get some cold air. But before that you have to do a complete check whether all the things fit well or not. Keep in mind, whenever you go to buy element you should ask about element spring only. It is also very easy to fit the element spring.

You can easily fit the room heater in the room as well. But whenever you connect any wires, use PVC Tape only with it. Keep in mind that whenever you fit the element with steel rod, use only steel screw with it, do not use any tape or plastic at all. Aluminum wire can also be used for this. Once on, the heater starts blowing hot air.

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