Reliance Jio’s 5 new recharge plans launched, travelers will enjoy

New Delhi. 5 new recharge plans have been launched by Reliance Jio. These are all international plans. Let us tell you that the FIFA World Cup is starting next week. For this, special recharge plans have been introduced by Jio, which will prove beneficial to the users during international service. If you are going to watch FIFA World Cup match live, or are traveling to any country, then Jio’s recharge plan will prove to be the best for you. This plan will be new roaming plan especially for Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia.

Jio Plan comes in these two categories
Reliance Jio’s new roaming plan is divided into two categories. This includes data, voice and SMS packs and data only packs. You can pick this plan according to the matches you want to watch in Qatar.

Reliance Jio voice data and SMS plans
Talking about Jio roaming plans, its cheapest data, voice and SMS pack comes for Rs 1,599. 150 minutes of voice calling facility is available in this plan. Also, apart from 100SMS, 1 GB data is given. However, if you find this plan less, then you can take a plan of Rs 6,599. 500 minutes of voice calling, 100SMS and 5GB data are available in this plan. A total of 3GB data is being offered in Jio’s Rs 3,999 plan. The validity of this plan is 30 days.

Jio data only plan
Jio’s data only plan comes for Rs 1,122. In this plan, 1GB data is offered to the users. In this plan you are offered a validity of 5 days. While the Rs 5,122 plan offers a total of 5GB of data with a validity of 21 days.

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