Ptron launches Nothing like Earbuds, price less than Rs 1000

New Delhi. pTron has launched pTron Bassbuds Nyx earbuds with a unique design. Which looks exactly like Nothing Earbuds. Unit transparent case has been used in this. These earbuds come in a great transparent design charging case. Let us tell you that Nothing Earbuds comes in this design. Let’s know about this in detail..

Specifications of pTron Bassbuds Nyx
The charging case of the pTron Bassbuds Nyx features an LED display that shows the battery level in the earbuds case. It gets a sleek dual-color design. The earbuds have a powerful 10mm driver, which comes with balanced bass, mid and treble performance. An innovative chipset support has been given in it, in which 50ms low latency support is available. Earbuds can be easily connected to laptop and smartphone.

Connectivity and Touch Controls
Stable connectivity is available in pTron Bassbuds Nyx. Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity is offered in the earbuds. Along with this, powerful touch control is available. Users can reject and accept calls by tapping the touch panel. Also music can be played and paused. Earbuds have been given mono mode or stereo mode.

Performance and Battery
pTron Bassbuds Nyx earbuds come with 9 hours of backup in single charging. It can be used for up to 32 hours in a single charge. For charging, Type C port and quick charge feature have been provided in the earbuds. Due to which the earbuds will get battery backup of about one hour. The earbuds are equipped with IPX4 technology.

pTron Bassbuds Nyx price and availability

The price of pTron Bassbuds Nyx earbuds is Rs 1299. It can be bought from Bassbuds Nyz store and Amazon from today i.e. November 24 at a discount for just Rs.999.

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