Phones will remain as toys in Pakistan! Will it be sold at the scrap shop? China released shocking figures

New Delhi. Pakistan has been a cheap mobile phone market. However, the condition of Pakistan has become so bad that it is not able to buy even cheap smartphones. It is not us but the report of Pakistan’s friend China’s news agency Xinhua has claimed that the import of smartphones in Pakistan has decreased by 69.1 percent in the last one year. Means the people of Pakistan do not even have the money to buy cheap smartphones. In such a situation, it is reasonable that people are forced to use old smartphones. Along with this, they are working by getting the old smartphone of the house fixed.

Mobile signal also stopped
Please tell that smartphones are not made in Pakistan, it is completely dependent on China and other countries for smartphones. Along with mobile phones, mobile signals have also stopped in Pakistan. Means those who have old smartphones, they are also not able to run calling, messaging and internet on smartphones, so to say in simple words, if the economic condition of Pakistan does not improve, then in the coming days, smartphones will remain as toys in Pakistan. Will go In fact, in many areas of Pakistan, electricity is not coming for 24 to 48 hours, due to which mobile towers are not able to run.

Smartphone imports decreased by more than half
According to data from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), mobiles worth a record $362.86 million were imported into Pakistan during July to December last year. Meanwhile, in the financial year 2021-21, mobile phones worth $ 1,090 million were imported into Pakistan. In such a situation, a decline of 66.73 percent has been recorded in smartphone imports.

Heavy debt burden on Pakistan

Let us tell you that the financial condition of Pakistan is very bad. Pakistan’s foreign debt has increased. Pakistan is not in a position to repay this loan. Pak PM is expecting help from IMF and other foreign banks.

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