Phone chip available for Rs 1800, 5 year old smartphone will also start giving speed like iPhone

New Delhi. After the smartphone is old, the biggest problem is its speed. If you are also planning to buy a new smartphone, then today we are going to tell you about a new technology. The biggest feature of this technology is that it doubles the speed of the smartphone. Also, you can buy it easily. You will not have any problem in this.

New technology has been invented in China. This new chipset is used to double the speed of the phone. As soon as it is connected to the phone, it makes the speed of the motherboard very fast. If you are also planning to buy it, then you will have to buy it from Alibaba. Due to the small size, it becomes very easy to get it fitted. But you may have to take the help of an engineer to get it fitted.

The price of the motherboard of the phone is just Rs.1800. If we talk about how it works, then the company claims that you have to fit it with the motherboard of the smartphone and the speed of the phone becomes very good. In a way, the speed of the old smartphone also becomes like a brand new phone. Also, you do not have any problem in this.

Talk about how you can order it, then let us tell you in advance that its international delivery is also being done by Alibaba. But for international delivery you have to pay a little more. Talk about demand, its demand is very high in India too and many people order it as well. This is the reason why its fast delivery option is also being given by Alibaba in India.

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