Pakistan: Pakistan’s power system failed, power failure in most big cities including Karachi-Lahore

power grid

power grid
Photo: PTI


Pakistan is facing one crisis after another. The neighboring country is unable to recover from the severe economic crisis and inflation that now a new trouble has hit it. Let us tell you that the power system has failed in Pakistan, due to which there has been a power failure in the big cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Energy has said that the system frequency of Pakistan’s National Grid failed at around 7.30 am on Monday morning. Due to this, there has been power failure due to the power system being affected across the country. Repair work in progress. Media institutions of Pakistan have also told that there is no electricity in many areas of Karachi, Lahore.

K-electric spokesperson Imran Rana said in his Twitter post that there have been several reports of power outages in several areas of the city. We are investigating the matter and will keep you updated.

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