Online shopping is fun, now those who sell fake goods are not well, the government is bringing new e-commerce rules

New Delhi. The trend of online shopping is increasing rapidly in India. what village what city? In today’s time, e-commerce companies have reach everywhere. With which any person can order goods online sitting at home. When we order any item like Mobile, TV, Phys online, we definitely check its ratings and reviews. On the basis of this, we are able to decide which product is good and bad. But what will you do if you come to know that such ratings and reviews are fake? So the answer would be that you can’t do anything.

Government is bringing new rules for e-commerce companies
But the government has become strict about such fake reviews and ratings. Fake reviews abound on the platforms of e-commerce companies. In such a situation, the government is coming up with a new rule for the purpose of providing correct information related to the product to the customers. The new rule of the central government will come into force from 25 October. After this, e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Flipkart will have to provide information about paid reviews of goods on their platforms.

Paid review will be banned
The Central Government is banning the posting of those reviews on the platform of e-commerce companies, which were being used for paid promotion. Also, third party reviews can also be banned. A blueprint for new rules has been prepared by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Reports are claiming that the new rules may be kept voluntary in the beginning. If the need is felt, the government can make this rule mandatory.

what will be the changes

  • E-commerce companies will have to give information as to when and with whom the review has been done.
  • E-commerce companies will have to give information on the basis on which the star rating has been given.
  • The new e-commerce rule will also help in curbing negative reviews.

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