Old smartphone will start giving speed like iPhone, make these changes at home

New Delhi. Many times speed problems start coming in old smartphones. If a similar problem is happening with you too, then today we are going to tell you about some changes. After making these changes, your old smartphone will also start giving speed like iPhone. Just before making these changes, you should take special care of some things.

In older smartphones, the first thing you should pay attention to is the apps. Many times we also download apps that are not used in the smartphone. Due to this the speed of the phone becomes very slow. Along with this, it also has a great impact on the motherboard of the phone. If you are also making a similar mistake, then most of all you should check the processor of your smartphone and remove the unused apps.

Download video in phone according to storage-

According to the storage also you should download things in the phone. In case of less storage, many times we download more videos or photos in it. Due to this the speed of the phone becomes very slow. In such a situation, whenever you download something or the storage full warning comes, then you should first free the storage. Even when the storage is full, the speed drops considerably.

The speed of the phone decreases even in the absence of software update-

The third biggest reason behind the low speed of the phone is not updating. If you also have a smartphone and you have not updated it for a long time, then you should update it first. Better hardware also requires better software updates. Hardware works well only when the software is updated.

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