MCD Mayor Election: Nominated councilors took oath first despite opposition from ‘AAP’, proceedings going on peacefully

11:41 AM, 24-Jan-2023

Raja Iqbal took oath

At present, the proceedings of the House are going on peacefully. Raja Iqbal Singh, who was the mayor of the erstwhile Northern Corporation after winning the election for the second time, took oath.

11:38 AM, 24-Jan-2023

Oath taking of councilors of ward number one started after nominated councilors

Despite opposition from AAP councillors, the first nominated councilors were administered oath. First nominated councilor Vinod then Laxman took oath. After this, other nominated members Mukesh Mann, Sunil Chauhan, Rajkumar Bhatia, Sanjay Tyagi took oath. After Manoj Kumar Jain, Rohtash Kumar, Shweta Kamal Khatri, the oath-taking of the councilors who won the election from ward number one started.

11:36 AM, 24-Jan-2023

Mukesh Goyal said that the constitutional way is to administer oath to the first elected councilors

On the other hand, AAP leader Mukesh Goyal said, the constitutional way is that first the councilors who have won the elections should be sworn in, then the nominated councilors.

11:29 AM, 24-Jan-2023

Swearing in of first nominated councilors

Satya Sharma reached the chair and appealed to allow the oath to take place in a peaceful manner. He proposed to take the oath of the nominated members first. BJP councilors welcomed this proposal.

11:07 AM, 24-Jan-2023

Proceedings will start from where it left off – BJP

BJP leader Shikha Rai has said that the proceedings of the House will start from where it was left.

10:56 AM, 24-Jan-2023

House proceedings will begin shortly

The first sitting of the House is set to begin shortly at the Civic Center with heavy security arrangements in place.

10:52 AM, 24-Jan-2023

security forces reached the house

At the same time, before the commencement of the proceedings of the House, a large amount of security forces have been deployed so that there is no ruckus like last time. The Aam Aadmi Party has accused the BJP regarding this. AAP MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj has tweeted, BJP has brought force with sticks and sticks to capture the Municipal Corporation today. Have you seen this in any house?

10:25 AM, 24-Jan-2023

MCD Mayor Election: Nominated councilors took oath first despite opposition from ‘AAP’, proceedings going on peacefully

councilor will take oath today

Amidst the ongoing tussle between the Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP over nominating councilors in the MCD, Delhi’s mini government may get a ‘Bigg Boss’ on Tuesday. Today the oath will be administered to the councilors in the Municipal Corporation House. After this the election of Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Standing Council members will be held.

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