Makar Sankranti 2023: Ganga bath in Haridwar, devotees took holy dip in the cold, photos

A wave of faith gathered in Haridwar for the Makar Sankranti dip. Devotees took a holy dip in the Ganges in the bitter cold. The preparations for the Makar Sankranti bath at the Ganga Ghats were finalized late in the evening. Arrangements have been made for the devotees coming from every corner of the country to take a dip at the ghats on the Uttarayan of the sun.

This time also the dip of Makar Sankranti will take two days. The sun is rising on Saturday night, bathing will start from morning itself. But, those who believe in Punyakal will take a dip of Sankranti on Sunday. Sun will enter Capricorn on Saturday night at 8:44 pm. Kharmas will subside as soon as the sun sets.

In order of recognition of Udaya Tithi, the auspicious time will be from Sunday morning to evening. But the dip at Sangam will start on Saturday only. Before the Uttarayan of the sun, the train of devotees had reached for the Makar Sankranti bath. Saints and devotees from every corner of the country continue to reach for the Makar Sankranti bath.

Devotees are taking a holy dip with the chants of Har Har Ganga.

After taking bath, meditation and worshiping Ganga, they are also donating sesame, jaggery, clothes etc.

The police administration is also gearing up to maintain peace. The fair area has been divided into seven zones and 17 sectors to make the security and traffic arrangements fool-proof.

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Tractor-trolleys and trucks are completely banned on the Delhi-Haridwar highway in the city till 2 pm on January 14.

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