Learn About TimeCamp Software That Caught Plagiarism In WFH! Had to pay 3 lakh fine

New Delhi. Many people commit car theft during work from home. Such people are now facing heavy losses. Because many companies are monitoring the employees doing work from home with the help of software. In such a situation, if you are found wasting time while working from home, then you may lose your job. Also fine can be imposed.

The woman had to pay a fine of Rs 3 lakh
A similar case came to light in Canada, where a woman named Carly Bessie was caught plagiarizing during work from home. This woman worked as an accountant in the British Columbia region. But his plagiarism was caught by TimeCamp software during work from home, due to which he was fined 3 lakhs. The matter came to light after the woman approached the court alleging plagiarism by the company. The same woman did not get relief even from the court.

What is TimeCamp
TimeCamp is a spy software that can be installed on any laptop. This software tracks the work done in your laptop, at what time the login was done on the laptop and then what work was done on the laptop. Also when was the laptop logged out. According to WikiPedia’s report, TimeCamp is a web-based application, which was launched in 2099 by Kamil Rudnicki. TimeCamp software allows you to track Internet browsing, phone calls, meetings, work and documents, project activities.

lesson for others
If you also do plagiarism during WFH, then this incident is a lesson for you. If you also steal from work from home, then you should be alert immediately. Otherwise you may have to bear the loss.

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