Keshav’s confession: He was angry with his father, stabbed him 20 times, was plotting to kill the family for many days

Keshav was plotting the murder of the family members for several days. The accused has accepted this during police interrogation. Under the conspiracy, he had brought a big knife. He was most angry with father Dinesh Kumar. The reason for this was that his grandmother and mother used to give him money, but his father did not.

Father always opposed giving money. This is the reason why he stabbed his father more than 18 times with a knife. After killing the parents, the bodies were thrown in the bathroom. The police have taken the accused on police remand for three days.

According to South-Western District Police officials, during interrogation Keshav has told that he first killed Dadi Dewano Devi. First strangled grandmother and then stabbed her with a knife. After this he killed the mother. The accused stabbed mother Darshana Saini 8 to 10 times with a knife. After this the father was killed. He stabbed his father about 20 times with a knife. After this he killed sister Urvashi. He attacked his sister 8 to 10 times.

Police told that Keshav used to smoke. He used to ask for money every day for drugs. Because of this there used to be quarrels everyday in the family. Keshav was fed up with this. Due to non-availability of money, he could not get intoxicated and used to get angry every day.

In the police investigation, it has come to light that he had beaten up the family members in the past as well. There is no lockup in Palam police station. For this reason, the accused has been kept in the lockup of Delhi Cantt police station. A team of Palam police station was interrogating the accused late night at Delhi Cantt police station.

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