Kerala: Fatwas being used as political weapon, know why Governor Arif Mohammed gave this statement

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan.

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan.
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Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan on Sunday accused ‘fatwas’ or Islamic religious edicts of being used as political weapons. He said that many times fatwas were issued against him when he was a member of the Congress. He said these things while speaking at a conference organized by RSS-affiliated weekly Panchjanya.

Fatwas are given for political reasons

In his address to the conference, he said that kufr fatwas are actually given only for political reasons. Not only this, they are used as political weapons. The Governor of Kerala said that there is no place for such decrees in Islam. Arif Mohammad Khan said that there are always two views in all societies, but those who have power propagate their views. The Ulema class was created by the rulers so that their decisions could get religious legitimacy.

Quranic example

He further said that since the death of the Prophet, the religion of Islam has been taken over by politics. There are at least 200 instances in the Qur’an where it is stated that only the Creator can decide what is right and what is wrong…according to the Qur’an it is given the authority to decide. He said that fatwa is a religious decree given by Islamic clerics.

Recalling his old days, the Governor of Kerala said that when he was a member of the Congress, several fatwas were issued against him. He said that ‘I was not a part of the BJP. I used to deliver my speech in Hindi. In those days fatwas were issued even on the use of Hindi words.

Governor Arif Mohammad Khan also spoke on the dispute with the Kerala government

During this, the Governor of Kerala also talked about the differences between Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and him. Arif Mohammed Khan said that there is no conflict with the Kerala government. The moment I reached there, the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) came. They could not digest that a constitutional office in Kerala could come in support of CAA.

Referring to his conversation with CM Vijayan, Arif Mohammad Khan said that ‘he told the CM that he was only performing his constitutional duty. I told the CM that I know you are a communist. And even I am not a follower of organized religion. Rather I believe in spirituality. I told him that religion means accountability and I told him that my accountability is the Constitution.’

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