Joshimath Crisis: Joshimath exposed the truth of haphazard construction in the mountain, laws were broken in making buildings

The crumbling buildings of Joshimath exposed the reality of haphazard construction in the mountain. Where there is a ban on building above 12 meters. Landslide area, construction should be prohibited on 30 degree slope, there is no rule nor law. Setting-gating permission from the municipality continued to be issued and the burden on the land of Joshimath kept on increasing.

Joshimath not regulated till date

If we search the pages of history, then the indifference of the governments from UP to Uttarakhand is seen regarding an important city like Joshimath. The Uttar Pradesh government had appropriated some areas of Uttarakhand but not Joshimath. After the formation of the state, the Building Construction and Development Regulation came in 2011. Subsequently, the state issued its bylaws in 2013. But till date Joshimath could not be regulated. The situation is that there is no one to understand, see and implement how to build here.

When will action be taken against those responsible for the seven-storey buildings?

If we look at the Central Building Bylaws and the bylaws issued in 2011 and 2013 of Uttarakhand, no building of more than 12 meters i.e. four storeys high can be constructed in hilly areas. This height is also possible only when the area under construction has been studied. In Joshimath, bypassing these rules, the concerned body issued permission to construct a seven-storey building. The question is who is responsible for such wild and haphazard construction.

Had there been a master plan, the situation would not have been like this

The master plan of Joshimath is now being prepared. If the master plan had been prepared before this, the situation might not have been like this. Actually, for preparing the master plan of any city, its geographical, geological, water sources, roads, vegetation are taken care of. Apart from this, the soil of that city is examined by the scientists to see how much load it can bear. It is also seen that according to the population density, how much burden can increase on the city in the coming 10 or 20 years. What can be done to control it. Authorities can also take action against those who build other than the master plan.

open violation of these rules

According to the rules of the Center and the state, there is a ban on construction in any area affected by landslides. In 1976, in the report of the Mishra Committee, this area was termed as affected by landslides. Despite this the construction continued. The second rule is that no construction can be done on a site with a slope of more than 30 degrees. This rule was also flouted in Joshimath. Where there was an opportunity, big buildings went on being erected.

District Level Development Authority came and went

The Trivendra government tried to regulate areas like Joshimath in 2017 by setting up a district level development authority, but the government had to postpone it to 2021 due to protests. For four years, DM was kept alive in these authorities by giving the responsibility of Vice President and ADM as Secretary, but engineers and other departments could not be firmly prepared to run them. Therefore, no roadmap for the development of Joshimath could be prepared.

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