iPhone 14 Pro will come home without ordering and bank account will be empty, be careful

New Delhi. After the arrival of Flipkart or E-Commerce Sites, the cases of fraud have also started increasing rapidly. To avoid such cases, it is very important for you to be careful. Along with people being alert, scammers are also devising new methods of fraud. Today we are going to tell you about some such methods about which you too will be surprised. The special thing is that such fraud has happened with many people.

Many cases have also come to light in Delhi. The iPhone 14 Pro arrived at a man’s house and he was momentarily happy when the delivery boy handed it over to him. But the delivery boy informed him that the payment has not been made in return. That is, now the payment had to be made by the customer only. When the customer refused to pay, the delivery boy quoted the order. Later the delivery boy called customer care.

After calling customer care, OTP was asked from the customer. Although this OTP was sought in lieu of canceling the order, the customer objected to it. It was said from the other side that if you do not tell OTP, then you will have to place this order. In a hurry, the customer also did not pay attention and told the OTP. After some time when he checked, he was cheated. The person who came posing as a delivery boy was none other than a scammer.

Even on customer care the person who was talking to him was none other than the scammer. That is, in a few minutes, he had got hit hard. When he called the number back, the phone was switched off. The victim hastily informed the police about it. They came to know that scammers have a new way of emptying people’s bank accounts. In such a situation, if something like this ever happens to you or you get a call, then you need to be careful.

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