‘I became a director after watching Ajay Devgan’s films, made these changes in the story of the original film’

Abhishek Pathak, who made his directorial debut with the film ‘Ujda Chaman’, has got the responsibility of directing ‘Drishyam 2’, a sequel to the superhit film ‘Drishyam’ this time. Despite his experiences working with the director Nishikant Kamat of the film ‘Drishyam’, growing up in front of Ajay Devgn and the opportunity to direct him and the original Malayalam film ‘Drishyam 2’ being released on OTT, it has been made in Hindi. Abhishek had this exclusive conversation with ‘Amar Ujala’ about the challenges of taking it to theaters in a new way. This time Akshaye Khanna is also entering as a new character in the story of the film ‘Drishyam 2’.

‘Drishyam’ was directed by Nishikant Kamat. Now the responsibility of its sequel is on you. Would like to share some memories of working with Nishikant,

It is very sad that Nishikant Kamat has left the world like this. Not a day goes by when we don’t remember them. He was a very calm person and believed in working without any noise. Especially I learned this from Nishikant. When we used to talk when we had free time in the middle of the shooting, even in that too his focus was on work. At that time it was not thought that one day such a time would come when I would have to direct ‘Drishyam 2’.

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And when did it happen Should ‘Drishyam’ sequel be made in Hindi as well?

‘Drishyam’ has become a very good brand. Ashirwad Cinemas, which originally made it in Malayalam, initiated the sequel and when they made the sequel in Malayalam, they invited us to watch it. We had already made up our mind for this. That’s it, by buying the rights to make the official remake of the film, we started work. And, then my father Kumar Mangat said that I should direct it as I have been involved with the film from inception till its release during the making of the film before this. My point of view about the remake was that it doesn’t have to be exactly the same, so I have added some elements to it separately.

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remakes of south indian movies This year has not got a very good response, so the pressure will be on you too?

If the remake is made in the right way then people will definitely like it. The Hindi versions of most of the remake films you are referring to are available on digital platforms. ‘Drishyam 2’ dubbed in Hindi is not present anywhere. We have not directly copied it by taking the rights of the Malayalam film. We have made it our own way.

And, how challenging was it to direct Ajay Devgn?,

I would say directing him was not a challenge. I have known him since childhood. From starting out as a production assistant in ‘Omkara’ till now, I have had a cinema journey of a decade and a half. First I prepared the Hindi script of ‘Drishyam 2’ and took it to Ajay Bhai and he looked very excited. Yes, on the first day of shooting I was nervous and couldn’t sleep the whole night before that. This is a big film for me. But then slowly everything became normal. Everyone had faith in the script of the film and everyone felt that we were making a good film.

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