Gold will be available from the phone’s bad SIM card, this is how big money will be earned

New Delhi. Do you know that the SIM card used in your smartphone contains gold. Yes, it is absolutely true that gold is used to make the SIM card of the phone. The gold layer is plated on the SIM card. You will be more surprised to know that till now with the deterioration of the SIM card, the gold used in it also got spoiled. Instead of being used again, this gold was converted into e-waste landfill. The reason behind this was that there is no recycling process to separate the gold from the SIM card.

why gold is used in sim

According to the report of Digital Trends, experts believe that the cost of extracting gold from the SIM card was high. However, now the method of extracting gold by recycling the SIM card of the phone is being prepared by Imperial College London. The gold layer is mounted on the SIM card. It is an excellent conductor of electricity. Also, it does not tarnish quickly compared to silver and other metals.

how much gold will come out of sim card
But a very small amount of gold is present in the SIM card. If you collect thousands of SIM cards and extract gold from them, then only a few grams of gold will be extracted from them. In such a situation, it is not going to be a profitable deal. The process of extracting gold from the same SIM card is also very complicated. However, together with Angela Serpe and Paola Deplano, they have found an easy way to extract gold from the SIM card. She works at the University of Cagliari, Italy.

what will be the advantage of it
Gold can not only be recycled by the process of extracting gold from the SIM card. Rather, the e-waste of the SIM card can be disposed of. With this, medical devices can be made, due to which the cost of medical devices will come down. Extracting gold from the same mine will help to some extent in preventing damage to the environment.

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