Gizmore Gizfit Plasma Review: Low-cost Smartwatch, what to buy right?

New Delhi. Gizfit Plasma Smart Watch has been launched a few days ago by Gizmore, which comes with a large screen and metallic curved display. Talking about the onpaper detail, in this smartwatch you get amazing features like premium watch like call receiving, bluetooth calling. Along with this, many health features have also been given. If we talk about the price, then the smartwatch comes in an affordable price point of Rs 1,799, then these are the company’s own claims.. But we will know the reality of these claims, so let’s start the review of Gizfit Plasma Smart Watch..


Gizfit Plasma sports a 1.9-inch 2.5D curved large display with a resolution of 240/280 pixels. Its peak brightness level is 550 nits. There is no problem in using the watch in bright sunlight and at night. Right Sight Rotating Crown is given. The watch has a split screen for multitasking, whose experience was not much better. The watch has a premium quality silicone strap, which is very comfortable to wear for long hours. There are 6 types of watch faces given in the watch.

user interface
The user interface of the watch is fine. The experience of the user interface has been quite smooth during use. In this, shortcuts of health features have been given. In this, 16 apps can be used through rotary honeycomb style. Users can use these apps in 5 different formats. The watch supports 23 languages, which becomes very important for a country like India. Shortcuts of many apps have been given in the watch, which is a good option. Watch is fine in terms of user interface.


The Gizmore Gizfit Plasma app can be connected to both iOS and Android devices. Also, you can connect and use the watch with the V-FIT app. You can forget the smartphone by connecting the smartphone to the watch. You can receive notifications of incoming calls, messages and events in the watch. There was no delay in calling notifications, messages and mail alerts. The same health features like BP, heart rate ratings were accurate. Overall, the sensors of the smart watch are quite accurate according to the pricing. Music can be played on the watch. Along with this, you will be able to enjoy many health apps like yoga, swimming, running, outdoor walking, basketball, badminton, football and cycling.


The charging time of Gizmore Gizfit Plasma Smartwatch is around 2 hours. Meaning watch can be charged from zero to 100 percent. In the same single charging, the watch comes with a battery life of about 4 to 5 days. The same battery backup also depends on your watch usage. If you use more brightness or apps in the watch, then the battery life decreases to 2 to 3 days.

our decision
GIZFIT Plasma is an affordable smartwatch. In this, features like calling are available like a premium watch. Also, the user interface of the watch is great. The watch is also very good in terms of build quality. This watch is available for sale on Flipkart for Rs.1,999. Although it can be bought for Rs 1,799. The watch is good according to this price point. But battery can be an issue. Although the rest of the smart watch is also present in this price market. In such a situation, the rest of the options should also be considered.

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