Get 100 mbps BSNL Broadband for free, no extra charge will be required

New Delhi. There is good news for the users planning to install BSNL internet. Because the company has now waived the installation charge. If you are planning to get a new connection, then you will not have to spend much money. Whereas earlier the installation charge itself was very high. But now this charge will be completely waived.

The company is making these changes with the aim of adding more customers. This offer of the company will be applicable till 31 March 2023. Earlier, users had to pay Rs 500 for a fiber connection. While Rs 250 has to be paid for copper connection. This is happening for the first time that the company has come up with such an offer, in which the installation charge has been completely waived off.

BSNL Broadband Plans-

Talking about BSNL Broadband Plans, the most trending offer is Rs.399. In this plan you get 30 mbps speed up to 1000GB. After this the speed reduces to 4 mbps. Along with this, the facility of Unlimited Calling is also available. In BSNL 449 Broadband Plan, you are going to get 30 mbps speed up to 3300GB. After 6 months this plan will automatically change and it will turn into Fiber Basic Connection.

Although earlier BSNL’s Rs 275 plan was also available. In such a situation, now the cheapest plan is Rs 329. Buying BSNL 1799 Broadband Plan can prove to be very beneficial for you. Especially for such people who want a plan in which the speed is much better, this plan can prove to be much better for them. Right now you are getting huge benefits by installing it, so it can be much better for you.

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