FIFA World Cup: Panwale’s daughter Shafali’s voice will echo in Football Mahakumbh, Mandla’s daughter will do 13 shows in Qatar

FIFA Football World Cup is going to start from today. The opening ceremony will start at 7:30 pm Indian time and the match will start at 9:30 pm. This World Cup is special for Madhya Pradesh. Because Mandla-Nainpuri’s daughter Shefali Chaurasia will spread the magic of her voice in this. Shafali is going to have 13 shows in Qatar during the Football World Cup.

Please tell that the Shefali we are talking about is the daughter of Santosh Chaurasia, a paan trader from Mandla. 29-year-old Shefali was fond of singing since childhood, she has also won many awards in this genre. Shafali will now perform in the Football World Cup in Qatar with Mumbai’s musician Milind Wankhede and his team. Shefali is not considering it less than a dream.

A team of 70 members from India has reached Qatar in this Mahakumbh of football. Shafali has been invited by Gravitas Management FZE UAE. Alkhor Ke Fan Jon will have a total of 13 shows by Shafali and team. Shafali told that during the match played in FIFA World Cup, the show of songs sung by her will be displayed for entertainment through projector. Which will be displayed in the interval between the matches. Shafali believes that performing at the Football Mahakumbh is a dream come true.

Please tell that the 22nd FIFA World Cup is starting from today. 32 teams from all over the world will participate in it. For the next 29 days, the magic of football will be seen in this Arab country. In the FIFA World Cup 2022, 64 matches will be played within 29 days. The matches of the top 16 teams will start from December 3 and the quarter-final matches are from December 9. The semi-final matches are on December 14-15, while the final of the tournament will be held on December 18. Considering the climate and heat of Qatar, this time the World Cup has been kept in November and December. So far all the World Cups have been played in June and July.

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