FIFA WC: Lionel Messi of Argentina will make his last FIFA World Cup memorable, will be seen playing wearing golden boots

Argentina captain Lionel Messi will be seen playing in the upcoming Qatar World Cup wearing golden boots. Messi is playing his last World Cup and he will do everything possible to lift the trophy for the first time.

Messi’s team Argentina has not lost for 36 consecutive matches. Now these boots will help Messi to score goals. A company has got these boots prepared for Messi. Messi will play wearing this boot against Saudi Arabia on 22 November. The flag of Argentina includes the white and blue colors and has been added to Messi’s boot as well.

adidas drop 'EL RETORNO' Boot Celebrating Leo Messi's Game-Changing Legacy

Messi announced in October that this was his last chance to win the World Cup trophy. Messi has achieved everything in his career except the World Cup trophy. Messi got the chance to win this trophy in 2014, but his team lost 0-1 to Germany in the final. Argentina won the Copa America title last year and is among the contenders to win the World Cup trophy this time. The warm-up match was also won by the Argentine team 5–0.

Took retirement in 2016

Messi retired from international football in 2016 after the 2016 Copa America final loss to Chile, but he later changed his decision and continues to captain the team to this day.

All eyes will be on Messi this year. In such a situation, he will try his best to win the trophy for his country. Messi played for the first time in the 2006 FIFA World Cup and this is his fifth World Cup. He also holds the record for playing the most 19 matches in the FIFA World Cup. Also, he has played the maximum number of matches for his country. Messi has played 165 matches for Argentina and scored 91 goals. From Doha, he would like to return home with the trophy.

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