Exclusive: Apple again proved to be a life saver, saved the life of a person who fell from a height of 15 storeys

New Delhi. We have heard many times that Apple Watch has saved lives. There are many such features in Apple Watch which sometimes become life savers. Recently such an incident has come to the fore which will surprise you. There was an accident during trekking with Smith Mehta of Maharashtra in which he fell about 142 to 180 feet while tracking. When he had no means of contact, he contacted his parents through his Apple Watch. Today we are telling you his whole experience from his mouth.

Smith Mehta sharing his experience said,
When he went to the track, he did not have his bag with him. He and his friends had 4 bags with them so they decided to carry only 2 bags as they are easy to carry. Those bags can switch with each other all the way. His phone was not with him, it was in some other bag. So it was not possible to make contact with the phone after the fall. When I fell 142 to 180 feet (about 15 stories high), the only way I could contact my parents was through my Apple Watch. It had Jio 5G e-SIM. Jio’s network is good over there and so I had no problem in contacting Apple Watch.

I called my parents and they were able to send a rescue team for me as soon as possible. However, it took some time for the rescue team to reach as there were 6 rescue operations going on at the same spot. It might have taken longer for help to reach me if I didn’t have my Apple Watch. So in this whole situation Apple Watch helped me the most.

According to Smith, what are the best features of the Apple Watch: When we asked him what are the best features of Apple Watch according to him, he told-

é SIM: Smith says that having an e-SIM is one of the best features in the Apple Watch. With this you do not even need your phone. Even if you don’t have your phone with you, you can still contact your friends or family through Apple Watch.

Medications Reminder: Smith feeds reminders of all his medications on it. Due to this, he does not miss any of his medicines. This feature can also prove to be extremely helpful for people, especially those who forget to take their medicines on time.

Health Features: Its health features are very good. In this, you get many better features, through which you will be able to keep a complete track of your health. Smith told that he was in the hospital for about 28 days. During this, he did his ECG and blood oxygen test from the watch itself. The results remained more or less accurate.

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