ChatGPT: Know its advantages and disadvantages, otherwise you will bear the loss

New Delhi. There is a lot of discussion about ChatGPT. It is being claimed that ChatGPT may replace Google in the coming days. However, using ChatGPT has some pros and cons. ChatGPT has increased the possibility of phishing, malicious attacks. To know about this, we have talked to Ruchir Shukla, MD, SafeHouse Tech. Let’s know about this in detail..

Advantages of ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT has a personalized customer service. AI Chatbot is fast and provides the required search results and other details to the users in a very fast pace. With this, the experience of the users is going to be great. In this, users will not have to wander on different websites to search for anything.
  • Health sector is going to benefit a lot in ChatGPT. In this, complete data of the patient’s medical history and symptoms will be present. Which will help a lot during treatment.
  • ChatGPT can provide excellent courses for the students in the education sector. Interactive learning modules, quizzes can be included in this.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT

  • Hackers can use AI powered ChatGPT. In this, phishing emails and messages can be introduced. Which would be difficult to identify. This can include malware code.
  • Data privacy can be an important issue when using ChatGPT. In this, concerns are being expressed about the misuse of data collection, storage and personal information. Some information like name, email address can be stored from this chatbot.
  • AI powered chatbot trended in limited quantity. In such a situation, if the data is of low quality or is prone to bias, then it can be dangerous.

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