Calamity! LG introduces drag-and-drop display, know how the smartphone will be in the future

New Delhi. The world of smartphones is constantly increasing. With each new day, the smartphone is getting launched with new technology. Whenever a new smartphone is launched, people are stunned to see its new and unique technology. Have you ever thought of what the smartphone will be like in the future? Although no one can give the correct answer to this question, but we give you an idea of ​​how the smartphone will be in the future.

In the last few years, we have seen foldable and rollable phones. Recently Samsung has launched a new series of its foldable phone. People were quite surprised to see the folding phone in this series that technology has progressed so much that the phone can also be folded.

Now just think that if you have a phone that you can stretch, then how would it feel. Many companies have launched foldable and flip smartphones all over the world, but no other company has been able to match Samsung yet.

LG’s stretchable display

Now LG has shown such a screen, which will add a new innovative smartphone to the list of unique phones like foldable. LG has introduced a stretchable display. Stretch means to stretch. This means that LG has introduced a pull-out display. It is the world’s first high-resolution stretchable display. Users can both fold and twist this display.

This means that this display can be increased by pulling it. According to LG, the size of this display is 12 inches and it can be stretched up to 14 inches. Now imagine, you will have such a smartphone, whose display you will be able to increase by pulling it. The company told in one of its blog posts that micro LED light has been used in this display.

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