Buy this Room Heater for just Rs 1000, the electricity bill will be negligible, order online like this

New Delhi. If you are thinking of getting a room heater. But it is not understood which room heater to buy, because the worry of electricity bill increases in a room heater. Generally, installing a room heater results in a higher electricity bill. But today we are going to tell you about the option of cheap room heater, which will help you to buy a good room heater. Let’s know about this in detail…

USHA Quartz Room Heater
The price of Usha Room Heater is Rs.1,695. But it can be bought from Amazon for just Rs.1,249. This room heater comes with overheating protection. This heater is of 800 watch. This is a portable room heater. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. It comes in gray color option. It comes in compact size. Also it is very lightweight. It is best for a room of 150 to 120 square feet. This room heater comes with low power consumption. It has two heating positions.

Amazon Brand – Solimo 2000/1000 Watts Room
The retail price of Amazon branded Solimo 2000/1000 Watts Room Heater is Rs.1,299. Which can be purchased from the Amazon website for Rs 1,029 after a discount of Rs 270. A discount of up to 10 percent is being offered on the same bank discount. Its weight is 1.15 kg. In such a situation, it can be easily brought and carried anywhere. Powerful 2400 RPM copper wind motor has been given in it. This is a 2 KW heater. This room heater consumes 2 units of electricity per hour. The heater is capable of throwing air up to 10 feet. The room heater comes with a plastic body. It has built in overheating protection.

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