BJP National Executive Meet: ‘Poor and development’ will be the priority of Modi government, why 2023 was told by Nadda

BJP National Executive Meet: PM Modi

BJP National Executive Meet: PM Modi
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The BJP National Executive Meet began on Monday at the NDMC Convention Center in New Delhi. On the very first day of the meeting, party president JP Nadda told that this year is very important for him, because assembly elections are to be held in nine states this year and he (BJP) has to win them. For this, the party president himself gave his priorities as well, but the convention center itself was giving a list of BJP’s priorities.

In the meeting, the biggest banner that was put up above the NDMC Convention Center had ‘Garib Kalyan, Hamara Sankalp’ written on it. It was telling that welfare schemes for the poor are going to remain a priority for the government. The surveys conducted after the assembly elections from UP-Uttarakhand to Gujarat have shown that the welfare schemes of the Modi government have opened the door to victory for it. Impressed by this, the BJP is still going to continue to push it forward. However, for this he will have to face the challenge of raising huge expenditure for welfare schemes in a weak economic system.

BJP’s road map for 2023-24

On the right and left side of the convention center, the work done by the Modi government is depicted through pictures. In this, on the right, there is an image of the statue of unity of Ayodhya, Kashi, Sardar Patel and the statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on Pragati Maidan, while on the left, there is unity in the defense sector. The image of a country moving fast in train and ordnance manufacturing has been projected. On both sides of the PM’s roadshow, big pictures of the schemes launched by the government for the poor have been inscribed. On analyzing these images, the BJP’s road map for 2023-24 becomes understandable. His biggest priority is going to be the welfare and development of the poor.

focus on strengthening the weak link

Addressing a press conference after the first day’s meeting, BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said that party president JP Nadda told in the meeting that 1.30 lakh vulnerable booths have been identified in the country. Out of these, the work of strengthening 70 thousand booths has been done and work is going on in the rest. By being strong on these, we will win all the states and then the Lok Sabha elections.

Four proposals can be passed

Four resolutions can be passed in the meeting. Among these, Prime Minister Modi can be thanked for giving a historic victory to the BJP in the political proposal. In addition, the economic proposal may prioritize policies to continue poor welfare and sustain growth in the midst of an impending economic crisis in the world. Through the meeting of the G-20 party, efforts can be made to make the country’s image important and to ensure the role of every countryman in it.

Cocktail of social justice with Hindutva

The BJP has subsumed the social justice agenda of the socialist parties along with its core agenda of Hindutva. To break the image of its forward castes, it has taken initiative to take along all castes and classes in the cabinet and government schemes of the central state governments. From making Draupadi Murmu of the tribal community the President, efforts have been made to give the message of taking other sections along. Since, this strategy of BJP seems to be making it invincible in the Lok Sabha elections and assembly elections, the party can move forward on this strategy and this equation can be clearly visible in its proposals.

There was a big change in the last meeting

Earlier, in the National Executive held in Hyderabad in July 2022, Prime Minister Modi had talked about running a campaign to connect the poor and backward Pasmanda Muslim community with him. This was seen as a major change in the policies of the party. It is believed that in his address on January 17, PM Modi can set a similar goal for BJP workers, which will be helpful in the development of the country, party and citizens. In this, along with taking sensitivity towards the environment, priority can be given to the welfare of the poor.

These giants joined

The meeting was attended by 350 leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Speaker JP Nadda, Home Minister Amit Shah, Chief Ministers Yogi Adityanath, Himanta Biswa Sarma, Manohar Lal Khattar, Bhupendra Patel and Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Addressing the meeting, party president JP Nadda said that the year 2023 is very important for him. Assembly elections are due in nine states this year and Lok Sabha elections next year. He told that vigorous preparations are being done for their victory.

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