Balle-balle of Indian users! BharOS will compete with foreign Android, know how different it is

New Delhi. If you are bored with Android and iOS then BharOS is coming. IIT Madras-incubated firm JandK Operations Private Limited (JandKops) has developed this operating system. It is an indigenous mobile operating system. Users will get more freedom through this software. Along with this, better control will also be available on your device. BharOS is a new software and people would definitely like to know how it is different from Android. Here we are giving you information about the same.

How different is BharOS from Android?
BharOS is based on AOSP. The main difference between BharOS and Android is that Google’s services are not provided in it. It is an OS that is completely standalone. Users can download only the apps they want to use. It is very easy to distance yourself from any useless app. Additionally, there won’t be any pre-installed app downloads that Android has a lot to offer.

Let us tell you that the default browser and messaging app in this OS are third party programs like DuckDuckGo and Signal. It will be interesting to see whether the BharOS development team partners with any phone manufacturer in the future.

BharOS: Release date and how to install:
Till when BharOS will be rolled out, its information has not been given at the moment. This is still being worked on. The company claims that BharOS is better than both Android and iOS and can provide better battery life to the device. Also said that BharOS can run Android apps smoothly as it is based on Android.

What is BharOS?
BharOS is an Android open source project. Google apps or services are not included in this. More attention has been paid to security in this OS. Currently it has been made available to businesses with privacy and security standards.

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