Apple Watch 8 Series saves yet another life; man rescued after fatal car crash

Apple Watch Series has proven to be reliable several times as its Emergency SOS via satellite and Crash detection feature have saved many lives. These features are made to help people connect to emergency services for help and detect car crashes. Yet another similar incident has been reported where, Apple Watch 8 Series saved a man’s life in the US after his car crashed into a pole and emergency medical aid reached him within five minutes.

A resident of Indianapolis, Nolan Abell crashed his car into a telephone pole after he had lost control of his car and met with a severe accident. Abell was so badly injured that he could not dial for help. Surprisingly, within a few seconds of his car crash, Abell could sense his Apple Watch 8 blinking and heard a voice asking if he was alright.

According to Abell, his Apple watch had detected the crash and displayed an alert and slider asking him to slide the SOS to his immediate emergency services contact. Abell told ABC News, “I was in the car fighting to stay conscious and I heard the voice say ‘Hello, are you there?” However, Abell was not able to move the slider of his watch to send an alert to his SOS emergency contact. It was surprisingly fortunate that his Apple Watch 8 Series dialled the emergency services within 20 seconds and medical help arrived on time to save Abell.

As per Abell, he had no plans to buy the Apple Watch 8 Series. He had purchased the smartwatch a week before his accident as an impulsive decision.

To recall a similar life saving incident was attributed to the Apple Watch. A 17-year-old boy from Pune, Maharashtra had thanked Apple technologies for saving his life. A tragedy happened in Lonavala when the boy went for a trek with his friends on a rainy day to enjoy the scenic beauty.

The incident is reported to have occurred in July last year when Smit Mehta, a student from Pune who was preparing for the NEET exam, scheduled a trip to Lonavala with his friends to go hiking. Mehta had fallen off from a valley on his way back while it was pouring and he had lost his footing.

“I fell on a tree and got stuck to the stone. I was almost on the edge of the valley,” quoted the 17-year-old teen in a report published by the Indian Express. According to Mehta, he had somehow survived the fall from a great height and suffered a broken ankle along with some minor injuries.

This is how Apple Watch Series 7 had come into the picture and rescued the boy. Mehta stated that he had left his phone in his friend’s bag that day and had no means to call anyone for assistance. Mehta had used his Apple Watch to call his parents and asked for help. The rescue crew was called immediately and they shifted Mehta to a safe place with the help of some other hikers.

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