Apple and Google will not work in India! Everything failed in front of PM Modi’s bet, indigenous IndOS is coming

New Delhi. google and apple That the attempt to put pressure on India has failed. In fact, both these companies dominate the smartphone market. Whatever be the smartphone, indigenous mobile operating system is used in the smartphone. This is the reason that both these companies do business on their own. All Google services such as Google Chrome, YouTube, Gmail are used by default in Android smartphones. Users cannot remove these services even if they want to.

Users will get more security
However, now to end the dominance and arbitrariness of Google and Apple, PM Modi made such a bet that both the companies lost their senses. In fact, the Modi government does not want to depend only on Google and Apple for the mobile phone operating system. For this, the Modi government has announced to develop an indigenous mobile operating system. With this, users will get more secure experience. Also, the arbitrariness of Google and Apple can be challenged.

Google and Apple will be challenged
Let us tell you that India is a big market for smartphones in the world. India wants to provide secure mobile operating system to its users. In this, users will get many types of options. Please tell that at present, the Android operating system occupies 97 percent of the market. While iOS based operating system devices are present in the remaining 3 percent. This new operating system of India can be named IndOS. After coming into the market of IndOS, the challenges in front of Apple and Google will increase. If we talk about now, Android smartphone makers have been accused of not providing software updates to the users for a long time.

Is there an attempt to put pressure on Google
A case is going on against Google in the Supreme Court, in which Google has been accused of doing business in India in a wrong way. Along with this, a fine of about Rs 2200 crore has been imposed on him. In such a situation, a blog was written by Google saying that if this happens, buying mobile phones in India may become expensive in the coming days. Also, there may be a delay in getting software updates. But now PM Modi has given a reply to Google by announcing to make an indigenous operating system that it is not the only player in the market.

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