Amazing feature of Google Map, electric car owners have fun

New Delhi. google maps A special kind of feature has been introduced by the company, due to which the owners of electric cars have got pleasure. The new feature of Google Map has been named Fast charge search filter. The new feature of Google Map will provide you accurate information about electric charging stations. With the help of this feature, the electric car owner will be able to search the nearest charging station. This feature helps in searching charging stations with 50kW or more capacity. The feature shows users search results based on the charging plug of their electric car on Maps.

Google Maps Live View
According to the report, Google Map’s fast charge filter has been rolled out for Android and iPhone users. Apart from this, the ‘Live View’ feature has been introduced, which is based on Augmented reality (AR) technology. Live View feature of Google Map helps in searching nearby location like coffee shop, bank, ATM. This feature is used mobile camera. Google Map Live View feature can be activated by clicking on the search bar present in the search bar of Google Map.

This feature will be rolled out in India in 2023
Google The Map Live view feature is currently rolled out in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Although soon this feature can be introduced in India. Let us tell you that the number of electric cars is increasing in India. Along with this, work is being done on necessary infrastructure like electric charging by the government. The Google Map Live View feature can be rolled out in late December or early next year i.e. 2023. It is expected that with the help of the new feature, electric car owners will get a lot easier.

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