Alert: This 1-minute video coming on Whatsapp will send you to jail, do not make the mistake of watching

New Delhi. While using Whatsapp, you have to take special care of many things. Sometimes while using new technology, a mistake can cost you dearly. That’s why whenever you use Whatsapp, be very careful. Today we are going to tell you about such videos, which may be difficult for you to send or forward.


While using Whatsapp, you should avoid sharing any video which contains Pornography. Especially Child Pornography is such a subject, on which you can even go to jail. Because doing so comes under the category of law crime. When you receive such a video, do inform the local police about it. Many times we ignore it, which can be very disturbing later.

Fake News-

Sharing Fake News can also cost you a lot. If you receive any video in which wrong or fake news has been shared with you, then you should delete it immediately. Also, you should not forward it at all. Because in case of doing so, you can get caught in the law. Because Whatsapp is also working continuously to stop fake news.

Video sharing without permission

If you share someone’s private video on Whatsapp, then it can also cost you a lot. Because doing so is also considered illegal. That’s why always if you have received someone’s video, then it should not be shared like this. Especially a video on which no permission has been taken. That’s why whenever you get someone’s private video, it should be deleted immediately. You should take a little care before video sharing.

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