Alert in Delhi: Terrorists Naushad and Jagjit beheaded a young man like Taliban, made a video and sent it to Pakistan

Police raid on terrorists Naushad and Jagjit Singh's flat

Police raid on terrorists Naushad and Jagjit Singh’s flat
Photo: ANI


The revelations of terrorists Naushad and Jagjit Singh, who are in the custody of Delhi Police’s Special Cell, have given security agencies goosebumps as well as making them realize the presence of Taliban. Terrorists have killed a young man in Shraddhanand Colony, Bhalswa like Taliban fighters. He slit the neck of the young man with a sharp meat-cutting knife for about one and a half minutes and made a video of it. After this, his body was cut into eight to ten pieces. The accused also made a video of the separation of every part of the body. The deceased was a homeless youth who was a rag picker in the area. The accused beheaded the young man on the same lines after watching videos of Taliban fighters.

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