1 year validity at Rs 99 per month! Airtel-Jio will forget to see the benefits

New Delhi. BSNL Annual Prepaid Plan: Apart from private telecom company Airtel, Jio, Vi, there is also government company BSNL which provides best plans to the users. Many people also use BSNL as a secondary SIM and they want to find a plan that helps in keeping the SIM active. What can be better than an annual plan for this? Now you must be feeling that if there is a BSNL plan then it will be expensive. but it’s not like that.

BSNL offers a plan which is PV_1198. Its price is the same i.e. Rs 1,198. Its validity is 365 days. We are telling you here what benefits the users will get in this plan.

Details of BSNL’s PV_1198 plan: 365 days validity has been given in this plan. Apart from this, 300 minutes will be given free for calling on any network. Also, 3 GB data will be given for every month and 30 SMS will be given on this basis. Free minutes will also be given every month for one year. If seen, this plan is better for those users who want a cheap but annual plan to keep the SIM active.

How much will it cost for a month:
The validity of the Rs 1198 plan is 365 days. If the cost of one month is taken out, then it will be around 99 rupees. If you are getting all these benefits by spending Rs 99 every month, then it cannot be called a bad deal.

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